Bugatti Giulietta Elkedel Rose Gold 02GTRGNU

1 399,00


GIULIETTA ELKEDEL 1,2 Liter – ROSE GOLDOn the one hand it astonishes, as it is unexpected, on the other hand it reassures, as it assumes familiar forms that are recognised from everyday life. The result is an icon reminiscent of a kettle firmly anchored in its design profile. Perfect for the kitchen as a decorative element.The spout fits into the spherical body and also functions as a filling neck, making the classic lid superfluous.The water filter is integrated into the spout lid which is removable and easy to clean.Small kohls, similar to the shape of the sphere, decorate the body and indicate the water level and light up via LED when the kettle is in use.One-touch and stops automatically when boiling point is reached.The spherical body designed in 18/10 stainless steel gives the kettle a compact and easy-to-use look.360 degree rotating base.

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